"Trent Pierce keeps his flagship seafood hall hidden behind a closed door at the back of B&T Oyster Bar, like an austere Blackbeard maintaining the secrecy of the captain's larder... The resulting experience feels like a snorkeling trip guided by Kinfolk magazine; it is to fish houses what The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou was to pirate movies. But you know what? The Life Aquatic was a really good movie."
Text from Aaron Mesh, Willamette Week
Food photos by Lauren Kinkade
Environment photos by Nathan Spotts & Lauren Kinkade
Art Direction by Alyssa Walker
Butter-poached scallop with a cherry tapenade, black garlic crisp, and a buttered parmesan kombu broth.
Thinly sliced Hawaiian yellowtail in a verjus ponzu, finished with smoked grapes and lemon balm.

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