Prather Ranch Meat Company for AAU's Peephole Magazine.
A look inside Prather Ranch Meat Company's storefront and gourmet kitchen at the Embarcadero Ferry Building in San Francisco, CA. 
The meat comes from Prather Ranch in Macdoel, CA. It's raised sustainably with a small, closed herd, where they ensure that each cattle is born out in nature so it can live a normal life.
A customer selecting pork chops for purchase, the meat is vacuum sealed for freshness.
New York strip steak.
Rib eye steak.
Strips of short rib from the ranch.
In the back, with the grill.
Freshly seared steaks from the ranch for salads and sandwhiches.
The burger.
Look for these and more of my work coming soon in Peephole Magazine, issue 2 will be available for the iPad in January.

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