"Once upon a time, there was an intersection of Northeast Killingsworth Street called Camden Corner, where a humble restaurateur named Micah Camden presided over a gastronomic EPCOT Center ranging from izakaya to English pub. Six years later, he's moved his spiritual home to Northeast Alberta and 21st Avenue—a block notorious for hosting the Shameful Salt & Straw Shooting Selfies of 2015, but more enduringly recognizable as the Times Square of Camden's fast-food mini-empire..."
Text from Aaron Mesh, Willamette Week
Food photos by Lauren Kinkade
Environment photos by Nathan Spotts
Art Direction by Alyssa Walker
Left: Vegetarian curry with vegetable stock, coconut milk, yellow curry, tofu, mushroom, corn, and scallions
Right: Mixed greens and sesame, with rainbow swiss chard, shiitake mushrooms, ginger-pickled cabbage, soy-toasted walnuts, and oyster sauce
Tonkotsu Shio ramen, with traditional pork broth, pork belly, soft poached egg, with scalions
Fried potstickers - pork and vegetable gyoza with pickled carrots and scallions
Okonomiyaki tots, served in a cast iron pan, drizzled with Kewpie mayonnaise sauce, flecked with bits of nori and covered in curls of bonito flakes that danced in the steam as it arrived at the table.

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