Stag Dining Group: LA 101

Clandestine dinners are secret events, where the location of the meal is kept from diners until the morning of the event. Here is such an experience, found in Stag Dining Group's first ever event in LA.

Stag Dining Group hosts clandestine dinners, in which guests purchase tickets to a five-course meal in a surprise location to be announced the day of the event. Here, they gathered in downtown LA at photography Studio IX where they celebrated their first dinner in Los Angeles. The theme of the event was LA 101, referring to both the class and the highway that brought them down to LA -- the same route travelled by all the game and produce they served.
The stags up front announcing the courses for the evening. On the far left, Jason Hubert from LA Bar The Varnish, introduces the cocktail pairings he's created to compliment the menu.
Preparing the first course.
Cured sawara with gribiche, pickled beet, puffed wild rice, tosaka, caviar, dill.
Rushing to deliver the next round of drinks to diners.
Citrusy cocktail with fennel and dill infused vodka, garnished with a lime wedge.
Dungeness crab stuffed Monterey squid with pickled duck tongue, squid ink puree, artichoke, and fried salsify.
A refreshing punch with Campari and cherrywood bacon fat washed Apple Brandy.
New York strip loin with turnips, a short rib raviolo, rye soubise, duxelles, and charred escarole.
Diners with their New York strip loin.
Dessert cocktail served at the end, made with walnut liqueur, Jamaican rum, balsamico, and grated nutmeg to garnish.
The last course of the evening and a very original creation, this flexible cheesecake is made possible with the addition of a bit of agar agar, then topped with fig, walnut crumble, saba, and lovage.

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